BEDROOM TAX and A Few Other Thoughts

As a citizen of the U.K, I take a somewhat keen interest in the running of our Country. I am no Politician but I do believe in Democracy and the right to a decent life etc.

Some time ago I came across the term ‘BEDROOM TAX’ ~ what could this be? After doing some research I came to realise what that this Government were trying to do and are indeed implementing.

I think we all pretty much know what it’s all about by now…..

Does the name STEPHANIE BOTTRILL ring any bells? If not, let me remind you. this dear Lady took her own life as she could not bear to be struggling with all the Welfare Reforms including the ‘BEDROOM TAX’ That was her final straw, she left a note to her Children telling them not to blame themselves but to blame the Government, you can read more here:

This measure was put in to place in order to cut the Housing Benefit Bill and alleviate the housing crisis. It was estimated that a whopping 660,000 were affected. Approximately two thirds of those affected are disabled. Many people have lived in these HOMES only to watch their family grow and fly the nest etc. There are a lifetime of memories in some. People were told “move out” and up sticks, it mattered not about all the networks they had.

Little did the Tenants know that there were nowhere near enough properties in order for people to downsize to! The PAC has even admitted that the ‘Bedroom Tax’ will cost more to collect.

As for cutting the Housing Benefit Bill, what a joke! Let’s take an example: Single parent of one Child living in a 3bedroomed Social Dwelling, the rent Payable is a mere £75:75 (minus 14% BT) They have one spare room. If they were to move in to a 2bedroomed Private Dwelling the Housing Benefit would be paid in FULL at almost double!

Some of the stories defy logic, it’s truly heartbreaking. Use a search engine look up the words ‘Bedroom Tax’ you’ll soon see what I mean!

The ‘BEDROOM TAX’ has been dubbed ‘Cameron’s Poll Tax’ People all over the UK are raising their voices and speaking out. You see unlike 20 odd years ago, we now have Social Media. We have ‘Bloggers’. People are like myself are raising awareness, organizing Events, gathering Petitions, arranging Marches. People are writing letters and postcards…..Not just about BEDROOM TAX but ALL the Welfare Reforms!

No, this particular Welfare Reform does not affect everyone BUT what we are seeing is a ripple effect. People are waking up to the fact that if Government cuts don’t affect them this time, it may do next time round.

I believe what we are seeing is the beginning of something big, something beautiful, where people actually start to care, not just for their kin but for their neighbours and their friends, of course some of whom they have never met and may not ever get to meet.

The tide is turning….. Remember, it goes out but ALWAYS has to come back in again. I hope Mr Cameron, Clegg and all those others who decided to inflict this misery upon us are ready…….



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