When Is a Bedroom Not a Bedroom?

When it’s in a Welwyn Hatfield Council area, that’s when!!
You are proably wondering what on earth I am on about. Let me explain…..

If you don’t already know, Welwyn Hatfield Council lies in the Constituency of GRANT SHAPPS. . . . . “So”, I hear you cry. Well, Grant Shapps was the  ‘Minister of State for Housing and Local Government’ was he not???
Yes!!  Indeed, it was Mr Shapps himself that only in March of this year, told us all that his children share a room!!! He described the changes as “common-sense reform”.




So I am pleased to tell you that in his very own constituency, on his very own doorstep….. The Cabinet of Welwyn Hatfield Council which is of course TORY controlled, they have, wait for it…..

Decided to ‘Reclassify Bedrooms’ 

Welwyn Hatfield Community Housing Trust Monitoring Report Quarter 4 2012/13 and Reclassification of Bedrooms in Council Homes

“The Panel had received a report providing monitoring information on the performance of the Welwyn Hatfield Community Housing Trust which also detailed measures taken by the Trust to reduce the possible negative impacts
of the recent Government welfare reform (Minute 7).
The Panel recommended that Council homes with one bedroom which was
less than 50 square feet (4.65 square metres) be reclassified so that a room of
this size or smaller was not classed as a bedroom for welfare reform purposes.
That the Panel’s recommendation be approved and Council homes with
one bedroom which was less than 50 square feet (4.65 square metres) be reclassified so that a room of this size or smaller”

This can be found in the minutes of the meeting held on July 9th 2013.

Welwyn Hatfield Cabinet Minutes 09.07.2013

Now, as I see it. If One TORY Local Authority can manage to do this, with Grant Shapps as their MP, then why are other Local Authorities  not able to manage it?

If you want the Bedroom Tax to go then YOU have to put the pressure on, not only demonstrate but write to you Local Authority, write to each and every Councillor, not just your own. Write to your Housing Associations. Don’t leave it for someone else to do!!

‘Together we can and TOGETHER we will STOP THE BEDROOM TAX’

bTax 1


10 thoughts on “When Is a Bedroom Not a Bedroom?

    • Yes, all well and good.
      But isn’t it officials at the DWP ( a Government body) who will decide what is a spare bedroom, when they are administering Universal Credit? So what some renegade Council may decide will probably make no difference at all. Think this falls into the “nice try, but no cigar” category.

      • I hear what you are saying but even so…….
        I am in Cornwall and I am trying my best to highlight and inform others of what is going on in the here and now. This is hundreds of miles away from me but I still managed to get it out there, to the point that after emails and calls to London, it was in Sunday’s National papers.
        I wish I could do more. At least now if the Tories have done this it may give other Councils the lead to change things.
        Quite what will happen under UC, do any of us know?? My Council still haven’t a clue about all the rules and regs.
        only time will tell………….

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  2. So the Council will, presumably, reduce all the rents on the reclassified properties as they now have one fewer bedroom?

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