Council Tax, Illegal? 2

What Exactly is a ‘Dwelling’?? Maybe We will Get To Find Out in September!!


Council Tax, Illegal ?

A follow up to the previous post where we learned that Council tax is applied only to Dwellings. That Dwellings are not Domestic Property, that Dwellings are Non-domestic propertyused for the ‘realisation of profits’.

So this week we took the argument to the court.

Friday 2nd August 2013 1:45 pm

Wigan and Leigh Courthouse

The protagonists

Wigan Council v The Angry Man

A packed court room, seven observers, numerous lawyers, court staff, the Judge and of course the obligatory Police. Three Cops in full battle dress, Tazers, truncheons, pepper sprays and handcuffs.

Proceedings opened with the Council Tax Enforcement officer swearing on the Biblenot to tell lies, but, unfortunately no sooner had she opened her mouth she started to lie.

The Enforcement officer claimed that the Council gained the Authority to ‘force’ payment via the Local Government Finance act 1992. She told…

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