29th August 2013

So Love Katy’s letters to Cameron!!

The Daily Cameron


My Commander in Chief,

How wretched for you, my dear! You recall Parliament four days early, you get the boys and girls up from their massage tables and sun loungers so you can discuss going to war, you get on the phone to Obama, (or Barry, I imagine you like to call him) and all for what? For Ed bloody Millibot to finally come up with an independent thought and put a halt to the proceedings. Who would’ve thought it? Someone must’ve added some round balls to the Plasticine man! He wants incontrovertible proof. He wants a second vote. He wants backing from the UN Security Council. He wants a bloody slap is what he wants!

I have to be honest here, I don’t really know much about Syria, but if my memory serves me correctly, there’s been a civil war there for a very long time now…

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