Open Letter To The Queen Of England


tammy samede

Dear Elizabeth Mountbatten ,
Do not think I am being intentionally disrespecting you by calling you by your name.I merely wish to address you as a fellow human rather than a figure of authority.

This letter comes directly from my heart though I know it will do no good except for allowing me a space to express myself and move on.

I shall be posting this letter in written form tomorrow with a £5:00 note attached as I hear you are a little skint.And you requested money from the Social Poverty Fund to help with the cost of heating all four of your palaces…and I thought well…it’s payday…benefits in..government robs us all the time I may as well send it directly.

Now-what will ya fiver get ya?Not a lot.Not even the bus fare to harrods probably.but still….I want you to receive this paper that has YOUR face on it,look at…

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