Are Cornwall Council really This Bad To Work For???

Who ‘runs’ Cornwall Council???
Whilst browsing the local Paper website, (The West Briton) I came accross a reader comment.
Are Cornwall Council really this bad to work for???
Is this ‘whistleblower’ correct when he/she states that “White English people who were just given the jobs…” 
or “Management ’employing’ their mates through the back door…” 
“Corrupt staff should be investigated and dismissed, not promoted”

This reader comment needs investigating and fast!!! I for one would like to know the TRUTH!!!Image

“Speaking as an ex-employee I witnessed some appalling behaviour. Although it was perpetrated by a relatively small number of individuals, these individuals permeate all levels of the Council and never seem to be subject to disciplinary action. Appalling openness and variety of racist comments. Numerous individuals being given promotions or put into management positions without any application form, interview or selection process taking place. No surprises that it is White English people who were just given the jobs – nothing like a good bit of indirect institutional racism i.e. it keeps the “foreigners” out (I refer to all the racist comments). One staff member confides in me that they ‘cry every morning’ on the way to work due to their manager ignoring and never speaking to them. I observed another staff member crying at their desk due to their manager changing their workload. Particular staff given pay rises without any written justification e.g. senior manager e-mails HR to increase the pay of employee X and they comply without any question or checks(!) Staff ’employed’ by the Council for months/years outside of the PAYE system to make them invisible on official headcount. Again, these jobs were never advertised. Management ’employing’ their mates through the back door. Management falsifying the results of public consultations – presumably to meet their own agenda? Management falsifying equality & diversity data – presumably to cover-up all the indirect racism and the fact that many jobs are not even advertised? Staff singled out and targeted for bullying and harassment and HR taking no action against the aggressors. In one case a senior staff member was targeted by two junior staff members, made medically ill and then ‘got rid of’. Both aggressors were allowed to ‘step up’ without any of the jobs being advertised. I know of two other staff members who were made medically ill (mix of stress, anxiety, depression) purely due to the manner in which they were treated by management. Senior staff on maternity leave deliberately undermined by junior colleagues who thought they would advance their own career to the detriment of the person on maternity leave. Disgraceful. Staff recruited into Adult Care without any employment checks taking place e.g. employ people first, then carry out employment checks later. I also witnessed HR staff colluding with management to fix the outcome of jobs that were actually advertised e.g. allowing the ‘favourite’ internal candidate to amend the job/person specification to their own advantage. Again, such practises help to keep the “foreigners” out. I am not even going to begin to describe the repugnant manner in which I was treated at Cornwall Council. Quite simply the worst place for bullying, harassment, racism, discrimination and corruption that I have ever worked. In case anyone is wondering, did I file a complaint? No I did not file a complaint. How could I? The “gang” culture would see me got rid of. The usual excuse (lie) that I saw used was “there is no longer any budget for your job.” It would have been me vs THEM (management gang and their HR mates). Nothing would be done, nothing would change. I hope that the Councillors read this and start addressing all the problems. In my opinion I would say that the HR functions are totally ineffective and non-existence. Corrupt staff should be investigated and dismissed, not promoted!!! Feels good to get that off my chest :)”

You can read the full Article and readers comment here:


6 thoughts on “Are Cornwall Council really This Bad To Work For???

  1. Unfortunatly it has been my experiance that if your face dosen’t fit or if your a bit different from others, at first you are befriended then when you open up & let them know who you are . Then they use what they have learned about you & use it against you. It is very likely that you could leave yourself open & to be in a situation of being very vonerable and to be open to being a victim or victomised by these people who are then very likely to use your vonerabilaties to their advantage & put you in a situation where you find yourself getting sacked for an insedence not of your making, then being told that you will never work in that profesion again .

    • Christopher: That is so true. A ‘face fits’ culture indeed – forget academic background, skills, experience etc… In one office I felt like I was being bated into conflict / reacting, which I nearly did. Resigning was the biggest relief, however my mind has not yet achieved a state of peace.

  2. Hi. I claim to be the author of the above. I will provide additional context and detail when I get back from work tonight. Cheers 🙂

    • Hello Jonny2010
      I decided to blog about what you had written because it needed to be read by many. Not just WB readers online. Hope you didn’t mind.
      People needed to know. It was brave of you to write what you did. I have not had a response from CC yet. How come that doesn’t surprise me lol.
      All the best

  3. Just to clarify, that is an account of what I witnessed, based on working there for only a few years in a few different departments. Perhaps I was extremely unlucky in what I witnessed, perhaps other offices / departments are much better.

    To put this into context, I have worked for various companies across the UK without ever making a complaint i.e. I am not a serial complainer. I also appreciate that there is no such thing as a perfect working environment, every place has its issues, however what I saw at Cornwall Council was above and beyond anything that I had previously seen e.g. all the job fixing and collusion from HR.

    As far as racist remarks are concerned I have never worked somewhere in which a small number of people can get away with openly using language such as “p*kis”, “p*keys”, “gyp-o’s” , “c*loureds”, “foreigners” etc.

    As a Cornishman myself I was genuinely taken-a-back by some of the poisonous comments made against me, or in my presence, by various “equality” staff, not to mention the sniggering and sneering from certain individuals. Did they think I was too “stupid” to notice? Indeed some were visibly shocked when they discovered the strength of my academic record. I can take a joke but this behaviour was just uncalled for and slowly chips away at you. Incidentally, at the time, Cornwall Council was self-assessed as failing to meet any level of the Local Government Equality Standard. I appeared to be one of the few people not surprised by this dreadful result. I now work outside of Cornwall and, so far, I’ve had no issues on the identity front and my salary is almost double what I was on at Cornwall Council i.e. I feel free from the “stupid”, “lazy” cultural stereotype that some people tried to pin on me at the Council.

    When I left the Council I made a detailed complaint on a very specific issue – pay discrimination – with numerous examples/names/dates provided. All they had to do was check the payroll system to validate my allegations and interview certain staff. Imagine my reaction when I received a small three paragraph response from HR acknowledging my concerns but stating there would be no investigation. Instead they would simply speak to one of the department heads about my comments. For me it took quite a degree of courage and time to carefully spell out my grievance and this was their response. This was the final slap in the face from Cornwall Council.

    Perhaps the saddest aspect for me was how proud and enthusiastic I was when I was offered my initial job. The culture (‘system’) at the Council totally floored me.

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