Bedroom Tax DOES still matter in the South West!!!

“We have got to stop banging on about the bedroom tax and the North-South divide because those messages are not going to win for us in the south.” – Labour MPs. Did Ben Bradshaw say this?????


The #BEDROOMTAX IS and still will be an issue for the South and South West come #Election2015
How dare @BenPBradshaw or any Labour MP say that Labour have to stop ‘banging on about it!!!!!!! 
I can assure you Mr Bradshaw and ALL other MPs that we ARE still suffering here as are hundreds in YOUR area and beyond!!!
Tell those that are about to be evicted that you don’t wish to talk about it any more. See what response you get!!!!!!!

This is a screenshot from the article in the Hate Fail…… I for one want to know just WHO is their ‘source’.
I won’t link the article as i prefer not sending traffic to their site.
Labour accused of waging class war in TV broadcast   Mail Online

Do NOT renage on your promise to abolish it. Your words appear to be the start of that.
We are watching YOU and the @UKLabour Party VERY carefully on this.


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