Letter A Day To No 10 #CameronMustGo

A letter a day to number 10. No 926

Tuesday 25 November 2014. #CameronMustGo.

Letter A Day 25 11 2014

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Dear Mr Cameron,

Language is a wonderful thing, Mr Cameron, but its deliberate use and abuse to manipulate, oppress, use and abuse others is not just vile, it is an assault on their humanity and dignity and as such it is a violation. The language of psychology is a young discipline, less than 100 years old, and yet in that time it has made great advances to help and enable people to live more fulfilling and better lives, especially those who have suffered some kind of life trauma. However, there is a dark and ominous side to psychology, exemplified by the work of Edward Bernays, in which psychology is used to manipulate and control others. It is not too strong a description to say that such manipulation is psychological rape, after all if you control the mind you control the person. One needs to look no further than Nazi Germany to see how successful mind manipulation (propaganda) can be.

It’s interesting reading a report on your one foray into the world of work, 7 years as a PR man for Carlton TV. I’d guess that working for and with Michael Green must have groomed your skills at manipulation well, especially in someone described by Sky News business presenter Jeff Randall thus – “I wouldn’t trust him with my daughter’s pocket money”. The point being that you are clearly no stranger to the dark arts of PR and manipulation.

Since you inveigled your way into number 10 you and your government have relentlessly and fairly successfully sought to manipulate and change the social perception of the poor as malingerers and by constant inference, as people who do not want to get on, thus laying the ground work for your war on the poor and the role of Iain Duncan Smith as the orchestrator of his all out onslaught against the poorest and most vulnerable people in society.

It comes as no surprise to discover that a letter demanding the presence of a woman who is over 90 to a ‘Service Compliance Office Interview’, was couched in language designed to intimidate and overwhelm, especially in an aged person. Language, indeed, worthy of the Third Reich. Less ‘Nudge Unit’, more like assault. I understand that you have been raised and trained to have an incredibly thick skin but that doesn’t make you fit for office, quite the reverse. Currently trending on Twitter is the hash tag #CameronMustGo, indeed, along with the rest of your bully boy thugs.






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