I feel intimidated,humiliated and degraded. They watch everything that I do. Welcome to Universal Credit whilst employed.

The poor side of life

For over four years we’ve been doing this now, helping people, signposting them, providing solidarity, compassion, survival guides and food parcels. You’d think that things would be getting better, that I would no longer need to write this blog, to hold the demos but the need has never been greater than it is now.

I’m often told by people that they wished that they could do something like we do, and I tell them how to do it. It’s tough going but not impossible, far from it. We do need more support, more demos. Don’t forget folks that I’m a single parent on a very low income just trying to do my best and it’s tough, but no way near as hard as the daily reality of life is for most of the people that I speak to.

Today was freezing, yes freezing and I wish that this never ending…

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Tory Hypocrisy In Cornwall #ClothesBank #Poverty

The time has come for some decision making.
I am a Member of Unite Community and a Member Cornwall Anti-Cuts Alliance. I am anti austerity.

I have been involved with the new and first Children’s Clothesbank in Cornwall. I was there at it’s inception.

Cornwall Childrens Clothes Bank launches in Camborne Cornwall Childrens Clothes Bank

I am very pleased at how well it has been received. Yet it saddens me deeply because there is such a need. It is because of this Tory Government and the Coalition before it that has pushed many families further in to poverty. In fact Cornwall now has one of the highest poverty rates in the UK.

Lately, I have had very little time on my hands due to personal circumstances. Not being able to give as much of my time to the Clothesbank as I would have liked.

The Clothesbank is to launch of a new branch on October 20th in Truro. The City Mayor has been invited to open it. I was never part of this decision making process…….

However, I have learned that the Mayor, Lorrie Eathorne-Gibbons is in fact a Tory Councillor.
This does not sit right with me. I’m afraid I can not stand by and watch a Tory Councillor tell us how wonderful it is that she is pleased to be opening the Event and how great people are for coming together like this. I could understand if ‘The Mayor’ is invited to open Art Galleries, Exhibitions and shops etc but to be opening something related to such poverty, that she herself has caused is HYPOCRISY at its best!!!!

It’s her and her Party Colleagues that are the main reason why the need for Clothesbanks and Foodbanks has risen!! They have gone after the sick and disabled, the unemployed and now they are hitting the ‘working poor’ by slashing their Tax Credits. Only recently we have had the Tax Payers Alliance and one of Mrs Eathorne-Gibbons Party Colleages – a Mr Liam Fox MP has had a go at pensioners.

I have reluctantly taken the decision not to be further involved with the ‘planning group’ within the Clothesbank.

I wish the Clothesbank every success for it’s future……..and I’m sure that now we have several more years of Tory Cuts ahead of us, it will continue to grow with the good Community Spirit that we have here in Cornwall……..but I reiterate that sadly the ‘need’ for such a facility should should never have been there in the first place!!!!!!


#CouncilTax Debt Collection And The Damage To Children

Email sent to Mrs Mary May my Local Councillor in Cornwall

“I’m writing to you as my local Councillor to ask you to protect children and teenagers from the damaging effects of council tax debt collection practices.

There are 12320 children living in 7115 families who have faced council tax debt in our area.

The Children’s Society report, “The Wolf at the Door” highlights how children and teenagers are feeling sad, frightened and worried after routinely coming face to face with bailiffs in their own homes, sent by the local council to demand sudden, unrealistic council tax payments.

Last year, 8176 bailiff referrals were made in Cornwall that’s the equivalent of 31 for every 1,000 households

The Children’s Society report “The Debt Trap” highlighted how a third of families in council tax arrears who sought help from their council found it not helpful at all, whilst their latest research shows that some councils are often demanding the full year’s council tax amount just 14 days after a family or young person misses their first monthly bill, pushing court summons or the threat of bailiffs soon after.

I know that councils are under huge pressure to ensure that as much council tax revenue is collected as promptly as possible, to allow the continued funding of vital services, however, the good practice examples in their report showed that councils can use less damaging techniques, protecting children from bailiffs and giving families time to get independent advice, whilst at the same time collecting more in council tax than the national average. We are encouraging more councils to adopt these practices and review their council tax collection policies to better protect children.

Please can you write to the Leader of the council, asking that Cornwall Council use less damaging collection methods. This would help families and young people get back on their feet – without fear and intimidation. Every child and teenager deserves to feel safe in their own home without being scared of the next knock at the door.

The Children’s Society has also produced an advice sheet to help you support your constituents who face council tax debt.

You can read the report, the advice note and find out more information about the Debt Trap campaign and the work of The Children’s Society by visiting http://www.childrenssociety.org.uk/what-you-can-do/campaign-for-change/council-tax-collection-harm-children

I’d be very grateful if you could let me know what steps you will take to protect children and teenagers from the damaging effects of council tax collection practices. I look forward to hearing from you.”


Please click on the link and do the same for YOUR area.


Stop NATO Stop and Search

Stop #Nato Stop and Search


Harassment from the state is part of the territory if your an activist. It shouldn’t be because all we are doing is exercising our right to protest and that’s what you can do in a free and democratic society. Let me say that again a Free and democratic society. But labelled as domestic extremists there is nothing free or democratic about the way we are being treated.

Last September demonstrators and Legal observers were being bussed from the Stop Nato peace camp in Tredegar Park to the Anti war demonstration taking place in Newport, where the No to Nato group joined, among others, the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) to march on to Celtic Manor resort which was hosting the summit itself.

Shortly after leaving the peace camp the bus was pulled over by police using section 1 of P.A.C.E. The main power used on a daily basis by police. It allows police officers to stop and…

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Now is the time to fight for our very lives. #paulapeters2 #GE15

Well said Paula – The time is NOW!!!!

Social Action 2014

There are none so blind who refuse to see. To those who say the closure to this service or the cuts to the welfare state do not affect me why worry about it, these cuts somewhere along the line will affect you.
Please, make a note of this by the end of 2014 60 per cent of the cuts have yet to be implemented, people are really suffering with 40 per cent o the cuts inmplemented,
Now imagaine 100 per cent of the cuts implemented.
Rough sleeping up in London 64 per cent this year, 64 per cent,
1 million people, men, women and children are using a foodbank. NOW.
This is no lie this is not scaremongering, its fact!
I know you are all scared, and thinking fighting back is pointless. I am scared too.
I have said this numerous times, countless times millions of times

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Letter A Day To No 10 #CameronMustGo

A letter a day to number 10. No 927

Wednesday 26 November 2014. The promotion of violence starts right at the top.
Letter A Day 26 11 14

Shares are encouraged and welcomed. If this letter speaks for you and you wish to send your own copy please feel free to copy and paste, and alter for your own needs, the text for your own letter.

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Dear Mr Cameron,

Apparently Theresa May has said, “Too many young men still think it is OK to hit their girlfriends, while many young women do not realise such relationships are unhealthy”. “Asked at the event (the 40th birthday of Women’s Aid) whether some of the causes could be violent porn or video games, she said: “It’s difficult with these things to say exactly what it is that has led to this. The environment in which violence appears to be acceptable in any form helps to lead to this sort of thinking”. ”

May finds it difficult to know what has led to this environment, really?

On a day when Tony Blair gets an award from the charity ‘Save the Children’ when he is responsible for countless child deaths in Iraq, May is confused? With infanticidal maniacs at the top of the political tree there’s no confusion involved. It’s not violent porn or video games, it’s government!

With thirteen million suffering the violence of poverty and hundreds of thousands of children in absolute poverty in the UK, violence comes from the very top!

Your government has signed a secret deal with the USA on Trident missiles. Far from ridding the world of the potential for a nuclear holocaust, you’re promoting it. If you are looking for a standard of behaviour and an agenda on violence which might confuse youngsters just look at the real world, it’s leaders, politicians, the banks who fund wars, the arms dealers who are aggressively promoting and selling arms, the corporations who get fat on war.

May might have eventually admitted that her racist vans were a bad idea, but they did their job, stirring up racial tension and hatred, at least young men aren’t sending out thugs in stab vests to do their dirty work for them.

Iain Duncan Smith spits out our dead and refuses to publish figures for the victims of his ‘Welfare reforms’.

God help us, the bloody hypocrisy takes my breath away! The world is insane with violence and where’s it coming from? Right from the top! In that environment, what chance do kids have?









Letter A Day To No 10 #CameronMustGo

A letter a day to number 10. No 926

Tuesday 25 November 2014. #CameronMustGo.

Letter A Day 25 11 2014

Shares are encouraged and welcomed. If this letter speaks for you and you wish to send your own copy please feel free to copy and paste, and alter for your own needs, the text for your own letter.

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Dear Mr Cameron,

Language is a wonderful thing, Mr Cameron, but its deliberate use and abuse to manipulate, oppress, use and abuse others is not just vile, it is an assault on their humanity and dignity and as such it is a violation. The language of psychology is a young discipline, less than 100 years old, and yet in that time it has made great advances to help and enable people to live more fulfilling and better lives, especially those who have suffered some kind of life trauma. However, there is a dark and ominous side to psychology, exemplified by the work of Edward Bernays, in which psychology is used to manipulate and control others. It is not too strong a description to say that such manipulation is psychological rape, after all if you control the mind you control the person. One needs to look no further than Nazi Germany to see how successful mind manipulation (propaganda) can be.

It’s interesting reading a report on your one foray into the world of work, 7 years as a PR man for Carlton TV. I’d guess that working for and with Michael Green must have groomed your skills at manipulation well, especially in someone described by Sky News business presenter Jeff Randall thus – “I wouldn’t trust him with my daughter’s pocket money”. The point being that you are clearly no stranger to the dark arts of PR and manipulation.

Since you inveigled your way into number 10 you and your government have relentlessly and fairly successfully sought to manipulate and change the social perception of the poor as malingerers and by constant inference, as people who do not want to get on, thus laying the ground work for your war on the poor and the role of Iain Duncan Smith as the orchestrator of his all out onslaught against the poorest and most vulnerable people in society.

It comes as no surprise to discover that a letter demanding the presence of a woman who is over 90 to a ‘Service Compliance Office Interview’, was couched in language designed to intimidate and overwhelm, especially in an aged person. Language, indeed, worthy of the Third Reich. Less ‘Nudge Unit’, more like assault. I understand that you have been raised and trained to have an incredibly thick skin but that doesn’t make you fit for office, quite the reverse. Currently trending on Twitter is the hash tag #CameronMustGo, indeed, along with the rest of your bully boy thugs.