A Letter A Day To No 10 #CameronMustGo

A letter a day to number 10. No 925
Monday 24 November 2014. Newspeak – Government priorities – wholesale destruction.


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Dear Mr Cameron,
News from the BBC, ‘A Department of Health spokesman said mental health was a “priority” for the government’.
I am getting to grips with this government Newspeak malarkey as according to the The Royal College of Nursing there are 3,300 fewer posts in mental health nursing, and 1,500 fewer beds, than in 2010.
Your priorities are very wide ranging, austerity, young people, disabled people, children, Legal Aid, the NHS, the unemployed, the employed, the aged, housing, spare rooms, homelessness, protesters, emergency services, education, and so on. And on.
I know it falls on deaf ears but we really could do with you prioritising a whole lot less if this country is to survive what I hope is your limited time in government.
I know that Iain Duncan Smith is in charge of welfare, but if he calmed down a bit on his rampant prioritising maybe people would stop dying.
Osborne’s economy is the same, he needs to stop making the poor such a high priority, then maybe they might be able to eat some food and heat their homes.
I very much hope that you continue to ignore food banks and to deny any causal link between their catastrophic rise and government policy. If they became a government priority then the poor devils being referred to them might as well just cut their own throats.
Were we all in this together then you’d be prioritising the real benefit cheats in the UK, banks, the aristocracy, corporate tax avoid/evaders and, of course, yourselves, instead of protecting them when you should be protecting the lives of ordinary people.


Camden Trades Council


The hardline chief of Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service has SACKED that area’s FBU executive council member, Ricky Matthews, for taking strike action. This represents a major attack on our union. The executive council will meet in emergency session tomorrow. A protest in Buckinghamshire will also take place tomorrow. We are calling on all London firefighters to join the protest. We cannot allow any brigade chief to get away with sacking senior officials of our union just for taking strike action. It is vital that we get members into Bucks tomorrow. It is a neighbouring brigade, and we need to show solidarity.

Please SHARE this message to ALL your contacts.

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Newport Rises to Action – Statement from new squatted social centre

The Newport Action Centre – Great Idea!!

South Wales Anarchists


Inspired by the recent Week of Action against the NATO Summit in Newport, a group of local activists took control of an abandoned office block on Lower Dock Street, secured the building and now announce their intention to launch a new social centre and creative space for the Newport community.

The Newport Action Centre will host a weekly free vegan café, info-talks, various workshops, skill-shares and an art space, regular events to raise money for local causes, as well as being a home for some of us to run the space from. 

We chose to do all this in a building that has a long history of providing a focal point for local communities and will use consensus and solidarity to prolong that role.

The building – which is directly opposite the passport office – had stood empty for around six months, gathering dust like so many other buildings in Newport while the cost of…

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#BedroomTax and Michael Hilton’s Eviction

You hear all the time, People say ” I just can’t believe that….” – Well this is one of those times!!!

Daily Mirror 18/06/2014

On Wednesday June 4th 2014 Michael Hilton from Accrington was forcibly EVICTED from his home.
His Housing Association HYNDBURN HOMES http://www.hyndburnhomes.co.uk/ claim he owes #BedroomTAX.
Michael Hilton has lived in his home for 30 years!!!!

Michael Hilton is not a well man. He has had mental health problems for a considerable time. He was outraged when the Bailiffs turned up at his home. From what I have been told by Michael’s sister, Michael may well have ignored much of the correspondence leading up to Court Proceedings and the eviction itself. Isn’t that what many of us do when we are worried sick and stressed? – We bury our heads in the sand!!!

(Lancashire Telegraph)

ALL Michael’s possessions, including treasured photographs and trinkets were thrown in the skip. Along with all his other belongings, including his clothes. A representative employed by Hyndburn Homes is alledged to have said to Michaels neighbours (whilst laughing)  ” Help Yourselves”
The house was boarded up immediately and the skip has since been ‘rifled’ by uncaring individuals…..

Whilst I don’t condone bad behaviour of any kind, or threats of violence, Michael took umbridge with the Bailiffs. Poor Soul ended up being arrested for ”Threatening Behaviour’ and ‘Attempted Affray’. He was whisked off to a prison in Liverpool and held on remand until a Crown Court appearance in Burnley this week.

Michael’s hearing was not very positive.
A Trial date has been set for 12th Nov, with plea hearing on 22nd Aug. NO bail – They are still holding him on remand! and again, to my knowledge NO MH assessment!!

How can this man be treated in this way, all he wanted to do was to stay in his home.

Now then, are you ready for ‘that moment’…………

Michael may well have been EXEMPT from Bedroom Tax under the ‘1996 Ruling/Loophole!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is a good chance that had the DWP, the Housing Association (Hyndburn Homes) and the Local Council – Hyndburn, have all failed him. Had they have done their job properly, then Michael would NEVER have found himself in this situation!!!!!!!!!!!!
His sister tells me he has been in continuous receipt of Housing Benefit since the mid 80’s. He was however detained at HMP for a brief period of 8 weeks several years ago.

The reason given is,  ‘alledgedly’, that he “doesn’t ‘fit the 1996 criteria, his head was not on his own pillow'” – how mad is that????

To my knowledge, there was NEVER a break in his Housing Benefit, he was STILL the registered Tenant at THAT address.
Hey, are we not allowed to sleep elsewhere now? Is that what Burnley Council/HyndburnHomes want us to believe? Michael could have been visiting you or the Queen for all I care.

He FITS the 1996 Criteria…….

I believe that Hyndburn Council, failed him. Hyndburn Homes, failed him, the DWP, failed him,…….
Why was he allowed to slip through the net? Where were the ‘Welfare Advice’ teams? Where were his Local Ward Councillors?
But more importantly, the buck stops with Cameron, IDS, McVey and the DWP. This was their Co*k Up and poor Michael Hilton is now in Prison BECAUSE of THEM!!!!!!

Vodafone to #VODAHOME!!!!

I have always been brought up to believe in good and honesty. I have both my Parents to thank for that.


Here we are in 2014 and all I see is misery around us. Day after day all we hear is how bad things are.

Just today this struck me as very sad It appears that “3.5 million children will be in poverty by 2020”.

How can this be right when it’s 2014 and we’re supposed to be one of the richest Countries in the world?

We also have a housing crisis!! What’s that all about? We have so, so many People in need of housing. We also have the poorest being struck down with Bedroom TAX!! Let’s face it, if the Bedroom Tax was really all about ‘freeing up’ homes, then yes, the Policy would have included Pensioners. Not that I believe Pensioners should be forced to give up their homes either mind. That should be forced upon NO one!!
Simple answer is, there are not enough new properties being built. I don’t just mean ‘affordable’ properties. We need many more new builds in Social Housing. Let’s face it a lot of these new ‘affordable homes’ are not even reachable by young newly weds or couples BOTH in employment!!

What is it that is going so wrong?

I may be disabled, I may be in receipt of Social Security but I still pay my dues in to the National Pot. Nevermind all those that continually waffle on “oh you’re on Benefits, you don’t pay tax” etc. Hmm, I’ve even seen a tweet from MP Brandon Lewis trying to pull that number!!
WE DO!!!!!!! Yes, believe it or not, the poorest, sick, disabled and the unemployed ALL Pay TAX!!!!
So, if we all Pay Tax, then what’s the problem I hear you ask????

How about this for starters……………..

This Saturday I will be out on the Streets in association with UKUncut. Operation #VodaHome


Why? – Let me tell you………

Many Companies, such as Vodafone DO NOT pay their share of TAX in to the National Pot!!!
How can they get away with it is way beyond me.

Let me put it simply…..I am a Vodafone Customer and I have a Vodafone contract mobile. Once a month I receive a Bill. Now then, within that Bill is a certain amount of V.A.T. (Value Added TAX) Yes TAX.
Now, if, I decided I didn’t want to pay that TAX, what do you think would happen? Yes, I would be cutt off. Contract terminated. The thing is, I have NO Choice. There is nothing I can do in order not to pay that TAX. As I said, I was brought up to be honest and good, I wouldn’t want not to pay my share of TAX.
So, just how come Vodafone can NOT pay any UK corporation tax for a third year in a row despite making a post-tax profit of £59.4bn???????????? Yes, that was FIFTY NINE point FOUR BILLION!!!!!!

Can you just imagine for one minute how much that could help the National Treasury Pot???? Hosing, NHS, Social Security, Child Poverty, Foodbanks, all of these things could be better addressed if the TAX was paid in to the pot!!
Yes, I am sure you can…….. It doesn’t take much to see that there is something drastically wrong here.

So, that is why I am going to be out on the streets Saturday June 14th.
Vodahome is the place to be. Find an event near you or maybe even set up your own!!



I am in pain, yes it hurts but I am too bl**dy angry to sit back and do nothing. People in the UK are suffering and I can not just sit back and watch whilst the Rich get richer whilst the poor start dying………….

Bedroom Tax Was Never About Freeing Up Housing

I knew it You knew it and the people faced with ‘Bedroom Tax’ knew it!!!!!!

The BEDROOM TAX was not about freeing up houses at all. It was simply about saving money!!!!
Never mind all those poor souls that have moved and now regret doing such!!

Please take time to watch, and listen very carefully to PMQs on Weds 14th May. (27mins 30secs in)

Cameron was asked by Jonathon Reynolds MP

“As the Prime Minister has acknowledged, the number of people who are in work but who have to claim housing benefit to make ends meet is growing, but the cost of that will be an extra £5 billion over the course of this Parliament. Does the Prime Minister consider that a sign of success?”

To which Cameron replied: “……. in order to make savings housing benefit should not be paid in respect of spare rooms that people are not using….” the key wordsthere being IN ORDER TO MAKE SAVINGS.

For the last 18 months Cameron, McVey, IDS and co have been banging on about how their beloved ‘spare room subsidy’ will free up homes for Families. They insist on repeating that line.

I for one believe that no one should ever be put in a position of being made to leave their HOME. However, as I only said to my own MP last week, ” …….if  the Bedroom Tax were about freeing up homes for families, then they would have included Pensioners…” to which I was met with silence. No answer!!


Keep talking Mr Cameron and slowly but surely you will drop right in to that big hole come General Election 2015.

We the People are watching, and listening. We are WAKING UP!!!