Tory Hypocrisy In Cornwall #ClothesBank #Poverty

The time has come for some decision making.
I am a Member of Unite Community and a Member Cornwall Anti-Cuts Alliance. I am anti austerity.

I have been involved with the new and first Children’s Clothesbank in Cornwall. I was there at it’s inception.

Cornwall Childrens Clothes Bank launches in Camborne Cornwall Childrens Clothes Bank

I am very pleased at how well it has been received. Yet it saddens me deeply because there is such a need. It is because of this Tory Government and the Coalition before it that has pushed many families further in to poverty. In fact Cornwall now has one of the highest poverty rates in the UK.

Lately, I have had very little time on my hands due to personal circumstances. Not being able to give as much of my time to the Clothesbank as I would have liked.

The Clothesbank is to launch of a new branch on October 20th in Truro. The City Mayor has been invited to open it. I was never part of this decision making process…….

However, I have learned that the Mayor, Lorrie Eathorne-Gibbons is in fact a Tory Councillor.
This does not sit right with me. I’m afraid I can not stand by and watch a Tory Councillor tell us how wonderful it is that she is pleased to be opening the Event and how great people are for coming together like this. I could understand if ‘The Mayor’ is invited to open Art Galleries, Exhibitions and shops etc but to be opening something related to such poverty, that she herself has caused is HYPOCRISY at its best!!!!

It’s her and her Party Colleagues that are the main reason why the need for Clothesbanks and Foodbanks has risen!! They have gone after the sick and disabled, the unemployed and now they are hitting the ‘working poor’ by slashing their Tax Credits. Only recently we have had the Tax Payers Alliance and one of Mrs Eathorne-Gibbons Party Colleages – a Mr Liam Fox MP has had a go at pensioners.

I have reluctantly taken the decision not to be further involved with the ‘planning group’ within the Clothesbank.

I wish the Clothesbank every success for it’s future……..and I’m sure that now we have several more years of Tory Cuts ahead of us, it will continue to grow with the good Community Spirit that we have here in Cornwall……..but I reiterate that sadly the ‘need’ for such a facility should should never have been there in the first place!!!!!!